Crystal as Diversion of Future Theft

the snow ignored us

hospitals are for sick people I said
not racing hearts expanding for the starting line
you might fit they said
as I tried to wrestle my toes into pool of baptism
insomniac’s gift
nothing gets in the way of a natural birth like death howled them
conviction melt
let me the afterbirth at least I said if
I can’t have this
let me the organ song at least
but never yet
for paranoid buildings decide
if you’re born

if we can’t have it neither can you


we don’t want it anyway
Friday’s trash
outside of Venus


it was already summer

and what’s after had fried
under magnitude glass
with the other worker ants
on approximately infinite time
you know I don’t do earrings
because the holes stretched
with no memory of
filigree doll silver catapult
I listen in case

for the sound of lobes dilating
where gates are nameless
and dreams are extracted by toothed forks
it’s not because there are now three
that I am now here