Family Unit

The world is short - ablaze  and - stubbed - allow you to melt into the back of its mirror -  both - I don’t want you to leave a vacancy -  yet - the thought of your hotel - chasms  - unwelcome guest you don’t tell me but - I  know - symptoms a song - ours - can you see a cacophony - frozen shoulder for just one sob - I do not hear what is behind my navel - do not look - and neither do you - the jewel attracts like one sad trunk  - gnash your teeth as I move my pencil within the gaps - your sadness back and forth - ours - I don’t care about your life as a life - I would have cared for another -  21 divides into 43  - old - mother - mutant - were we ever content and is that - enough - you can’t occupy that house that isn’t - you - anymore - phosphorous lick and lying - old letters kept in the - future - eyes on stalks -  let us find them - ours - yours - me you - who is siphoning who if - any - a slash is to feel but only when own - rewrite the entrances and exits for a pain - livable -
I am sorry that I do not pray - please do not forgive me how you were bound to - I am sorry that the feathers of our hands do not touch yet do so much too