Human Nature

Beauty lost
Searched by my ill
There must be a balm
I plead for the still
In fields and in meadows

Jumping from claws
Of lost careless mind

Dragging its thoughts

Glitter leaves waving

Through every dimension

Green kiss absolving

Blading time’s levels
As petals sew hearts

With lavender needles

And roses dance velvet

In whispers of people
A botanical symphony

Encased in bone skin

Pollinating, transforming

To crystalline will


In waves and in streams

Running from tongue

Of slumbering serpent

In mandala thrones

Dirt of past lives

Clean with a splash

Siphoned forgiveness

In sinewy wrath

Warm aqualine salts

Eroding spent paths

Soothing the lava
Of each aftermath
As grit dries to sunrise
High mist takes new shapes

My spirit laughs silky

Afloat and awake
I leave nature my body

It continues to play

Already clutching
Its next human clay


Artist's response: Arris Han