Kinder Egg Confessional

You have put me in a place that I came to voluntarily

filthy white cauldron that knows no earth

_________________________interventionistic metaphor for_____________________________life giving

Round and afraid 

I have no hands to hold

I am strapped for vaginal cash

I fester with the old lady shaving pubes in the bathroom

                              (empty frog slippers her epitaph)

I know this salted bed is coveted

Enlisted for fabricated war

Harped in bedded trench zone

Dong!   I ingest circumcisional pharma balloons

Dong!  I bequeath my placenta to a charity shop

Gongs reach so cots do not go cold

Gatekeepers put away their silver

I bear grief tramline for which you

                                                         seek my gratitude


Take off those fucking ridiculous crocs

Go celebrate functioning leg spread exits

Don't look at me thin, wounded


Baby underarm