The Shadow Road

coaxing you back, you’ve been in touch and other senses, the full thing

cackling at boxed remedies with disowned roots and perfume

some of your ways I saw pushing up daisies, but you knew

with eight legs of womb, the odd collecting caw

with peals of blue and pink emerald encased there would be roads excavated

the lace of cobwebs holding more explosions, implosions than the collective

of stars

coaxing you back, you’ve been black, silver and every single burst of this,

caught up in these failing wishes, new old golden chariots that paw, claw

dance around the dark

mercy for us, prayers for beauty

you lay off the pressure like a yawning diamond coil

throw me a few more yew seeds to feed our ink stain

singing however, not knowing how many tracks we are

to be given