Yes You Can Take It With You

I have a shape?
When? Now
How soon is (then)

Did I have a shape back then - now?
I was am a footless leg trying to tiptoe on the sun

my sand my temple my cells my addiction

soft, small and infinite

I want help - for us - is all - I know -

Let me


they tampered with 'iiii'
Define it


What with?

They have stolen all means

Can you rape it? An outline?
You cannot avoid it

is in your 'lungs' your 'song'
Pull yourself together they say
Pull yourself so hard into a shape of nothing
Say you're no murderer by human proxy

My erased hands draw The Tower

'I' sad porn of Saturn
I want to help - our - nerves/enmeshed
Can I magic her blood to be


Be sure

It flows ‘within’ her skin?

There is no sure

My own
Look after your own they say
Black mouths in identical mirrors

regurgitating crumbs



There's a sum that would bring her feathers over the water

It lies in the cave I pick with intention and crystal scalpel

ornate with all the eyes of my own

My all

Deep in the cave gape it sits

Massive roast duck shape

scoffing its roast duck

Self Satisfied As Fuck